Dynamax Battery Solutions

It's Vital for homes and businesses!

Understanding today’s economic challenges, we provide necessary products for the eventuality of power outages, for household appliances as well as mobile devices at affordable prices. Are you finding it hard to keep up with which batteries are still usable and which aren’t? Are you tired of either never being able to find or gather your batteries due to them laying around? Find you're continually wasting money every month buying when you already have? If your answer is yes, we have the solution for you!!

Advantages of Dynamax includes:

  • Affordable pricing given todays current economic status, offering you considerable savings.
  • Drawers will stay organized, no more batteries rolling around.
  • No more used and unused batteries mixed up, saving you time and money, making them always ready for those days of darkness.
  • Reusable containers for Dads workshop / Mom nail kits / Around the office.
  • Dyna 4 is providing ultra superior quality batteries, better packaging, at the best pricing.

Dynamax offers various Ultra Alkaline Battery Packs under categories such as: 

  • Office 8 AA Battery Pack 
  • Office 8 AAA Battery Pack 
  • Family & Camping Pack Mix 
  • Ultra Alkaline 6 Pack C
  • Ultra Alkaline 2 Pack D
  • Gaming 4 AAA / 5 AA Pack 
  • Mixed Office Pack 16 AAA / 12 AA Pack 
  • BT-168 Battery Checker

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